About me

Hi everyone and welcome to my Healthy aging for the over 40 years. Coming from a nursing background I have always had passions on how we can age healthy pass he age 40. I identified that at age of 40, nature starts to take its course and most women notice some changes in their bodies. Being one of the those above 40 I thought of how I could help people like me with some tips and information of how good diet and supplements can help to age wisely.

Some information and tips are things that I have learnt in my career and also from lived experiences.

About my healthy aging for the over 40 years

Healthy is one thing and healthy aging is something beyond healthy, it is about the process of developing and maintaining the functional ability that enables well-being in older age. At 40years the body changes in many ways for women, this is the time when menopause start to kick off. We know that peri-menopause starts 10years before the manifestation of the real menopause. At this age you notice that you tend to forget things e.g go into the room and forget why you went there for just few seconds. This is very normal. Other things that women are likely to experience are loose of muscle mass, thinning hair, grey hair, tiredness, brittle nails, dry skin, start to notice result of loosing skin elasticity, some wrinkle lines start to show up, risk of infections, increased risk of bone fractures, increase in appetite and as a result increased weight gain. At 40 and above it is important to consider how can you age wisely as a woman by eating healthy and living healthy. If you don’t consider healthy eating or living, the symptoms do not go away but can only get worse. One of the things that is very important in the diet is the protein intake which is a body builder. Many people associate protein intake with body builders but it is not only limited to this group of people. It is key to those over 40 years and lack of these results in some the above symptoms e.g tiredness, brittle nails, skins elasticity.


How to age wisely

Healthy aging includes healthy eating, healthy mind, healthy physical bodies. How important is this to those aged 40 and above? Are we eating enough nutrients to age wisely. Some nutrients are vital than others when you clock certain ages. One of the most important nutrients needed is protein, as mentioned above it is a body builder. The question is, are we eating enough of proteins’?. I was surprised to notice that adequate protein for someone like me in her 40s is 53grams per day. 1 extra large egg is equivalent to 7grams ( 3gram from the yolk and 4gram from the white). This means you need to eat 71/2 eggs daily. 100grams of chicken breast has 31grams of protein. Is this possible?. When I looked at the amount one should consume to have adequate protein, I realized that I was not taking enough proteins’ for my age to be able to age wisely. I don’t like meat that much and I cannot eat 7eggs a day even though I like eggs. Some foods are high in protein but to have enough proteins’ intake, you have to take them in large quantities, which is difficulty at times.

We all eat proteins’ but is it enough?. We all know that nothing can substitute healthy diet, but we can make sure that we are eating enough of the essential nutrients at the age of 40 and above. I am here to help women like me that there are some tips on how we can maintain adequate proteins’ and other nutrients. One of them is the use of supplements to ensure that you are having adequate daily nutrition. There are supplements for each nutrient, people always take vitamins c supplements, zinc, calcium, cod oil but they don’t think the importance of taking protein supplements which is very vital. Note these need to be taken in addition to healthy diet, they cannot substitute proteins’ found in your food.

How can I help

The purpose of this site is to reach out to those over 40years and encourage each other on how to age wisely. The goal is to ensure that those over 40years and above are taking enough essential nutrient, importance of healthy diet and the use of supplements not as a substitute for nutrients consumed directly from food.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,