Healthy aging get enough sleep

Sleeping it vital to every human being and lack of it can cause dangerous illness and too much of it can be a condition. Our bodies are designed in a way that if we don’t sleep our minds starts to get affected and we do sleep more than normal it another issue. There it close link between adequate sleeps and health and well-being. In my previous article onhealthy lifestyle to the over 40s the importance of sleep was emphasized. Adequate sleep it good for our mental health. Physical health, healthy aging, relationship and concentration. This article will elaborate what it sleep, what constitute to enough sleep, the benefits of sleep, dangers of lack of sleeps and provide some vital tips as to how to get enough to facilitate enough sleep.

What it sleeps and enough sleep

Sleep it a natural recurring state of mind and body, characterized by altered consciousness relatively inhibited sensory activity, reduced muscle activity and inhibition of all voluntary muscles during eye movement and reduced interactions with surroundings. The human being it designed to go through this process every 24hours for a period of 6-8 hours to be able to function effectively the following day. This 24hr process it called circadian rhythm which runs at the back of your brain to operate the sleeps and wake cycle. The hypothalamus usually called the body control system it responsible for controlling the circadian rhythm. All this means it the body natural internal process that regulates sleep /wake every 24hours and our body needs to sleep at least a third of that circle. Irregularities in the circadian rhythm causes sleep disorders. This should happen at night, if it happens during the day then it becomes a health condition hypersomnia. Also, lack of sleep it a health condition called insomnia. Sleep disorders are associated with many healthy problems which can shorten life and make it unhealthy. During sleep your body works to repair, restore and rejuvenates the muscles, organs and other cells. Chemicals that strengthen the immune system starts to circulate in your blood. During sleep waste from the brain and supports learning and memory. This it the reason why if one do not sleep enough the memory capacity deteriorates, become forgetful, immune system get suppressed, shortens telomeres and hence causes unhealthy aging. If you cannot sleep get help, try supplements and talk to your physician please.

According to National institute of neurological disorders and stroke, Sleep it divided in into two cycles non rapid eye movement sleep(NREM) usually called quiet sleeps and rapid eye movement sleep(REM) ( active sleep). There are five stages of sleep Stage 1.2.3,4 and REM. In stage 3 and 4 it when a person it gets into deep sleeps and dreams happens in REM and rapid eye movement. Stages 1-4 falls under NREM cycle which it uses 75% of the 90mins sleep cycle and REM spends 25% of the total sleep cycle. The whole sleep cycle last for 90mins, and the body and mind needs both cycles to benefit from sleep.

Benefits of sleep.

Sleep is vital and as important as water and food it to the body. Sleep it beneficial to your mind, body and to your healthy aging. Other benefits of sleep are



  1. Critical for waking cognition, the ability to think clearly. A review by Alhola on sleep deprivation impact and performance shows that if you sleep enough you will be more alert and hence you think clearly
  2. Helps to be vigilant and alert and sustain attention,
  3. Memory consolidation this usually happens in both NREM and REM cycles. Memory consolidation helps to improve memory
  4. Emotional regulation stage 3 and 4
  5. Repairs muscles and tissues in stage 3-4
  6. Stimulates growth and development stage 3-4
  7. Lowers blood pressure and reduces stress if you sleep adequately and complete both the REM and NREM cycles
  8. Reduces heart problems due to the stress reduction effect
  9. Can be a pain killer usually if you are suffering from stress induced headaches when you sleep full cycle the headache disappears
  10. Boost immune functions stage 3-4
  11. Build up energy stage 3-4
  12. Sleeping it beneficial and many benefits of sleep are achieved when you get to stage 3 and above. So light sleepers might not benefit enough from sleep

Dangers of lack of sleep

Lack of sleep it as dangerous as not having food and water. There are so many illnesses that can be caused by lack of sleep. This it the reason why physician prescribe some sleep tablets to try to force one to sleep. Sleeping is grown older they find it difficult to sleep. This it could be due to side effects of some medications, or effects of some long term condition e.g urgency to urinate frequent at night meaning before the complete sleep cycle they will have to get up and use the toilet. Lack of sleep it called insomnia and lack of sleep it associated it caused by several things’ health condition like sleep apnea, stress, anxiety, depression, poor sleep habits, hormone imbalance, medications side effects. Sleep deprivation has so many physical and mental consequences that could even be fatal and to list a few

  1. Ages your skin, lack of sleep reduces collagen formation and hence the skin start to show visible signs of aging. A study by Oyetakin_ White etal 2015, Does poor sleep quality affect skin aging? proved that poor quality sleep it linked with increased signs of intrinsic aging, diminished skin barrier function and lower satisfaction with appearance.
  2. Lack of sleep causes depression and mood swings, there it close links between sleep deprivation and depression and mood swings. When we sleep our emotions get regulated as mentioned above. So if one it not has enough sleep to regulate their emotions, cleans or the dirt in the brains. Your mind becomes stressed out and tired thereby causing depression and mood swing/
  3. Causes heart problems, diabetes, lack of sleep it linked to increase in insulin resistance which it one risk factor for development of type 2 diabetes
  4. Causes heart attacks and strokes inadequate sleep it likely to increase creative protein which it released with stress and inflammation. Creative protein it a risk factor for heart and cardiovascular diseases
  5. Causes heart failure and high blood pressure. Lack of sleep makes the heart to overwork and hence can cause heart failure in the future.
  6. Kills sex drive
  7. Makes one to forget things’, memory loss
  8. Gain weight, inadequate sleep alters appetite and likely to eat unhealthy food which in turn will increase that individual weight.
  9. Impairs judgment and causes accidents
  10. Irritable
  11. Sleep deprivation increase Alzheimer protein putting one at more risk of developing dementia and accelerate it.

Tips of how to have a good sleep

Research knowledge proved the importance of sleep for human body and mind function. Without sleep or adequate sleep it impossible to age healthy. Few tips might help to improve the quality of sleep or promote sleeping. I have used some of these and they are very helpful.

  1. Avoid heavy meals 3hours before sleep
  2. Loose weight
  3. Avoid caffeine drinks and alcohol before going to bed
  4. Exercise daily until you feel tired
  5. Go to bed when you feel tired
  6. Have a sleeping schedule and sleep at regular times
  7. Avoid afternoon naps if you find it difficult to sleep at night
  8. Drink enough water during the day
  9. Decrease bright light at night
  10. Avoid using smart devices an hour before you go to bed
  11. Wind down by reading a book
  12. Listen to soft music
  13. Follow guided meditation
  14. Sleep listening to recorded meditation
  15. Sleep in a comfortable mattress and pillow
  16. Review the atmosphere of your bedroom
  17. Check temperature, clean linen and take the right sleeping posture
  18. If you are on sleeping tablets or serotonin supplements take them before going to bed
  19. Relax and enjoy your sleep


Sleep it as important as water and food and there it enough evidence to prove its importance to healthy aging. You can easily shorten your life by depriving yourself from sleep. Sleep deprivation it due to pain from physical illnesses e, g arthritis, psychological illnesses e.g insomnia, dementia etc and side effects of medications this cannot be denied. Physicians usually prescribe benzodiazepine or non benzodiazepine sleeping tablets, it important that if individuals are prescribed such drugs they should take them before going to bed in order to sleep. Research showed that sleep is important to the body and mind despite if you are managing to sleep natural or after taking medications. It is important that we value our sleep as much as we value our food. If one it not eats well usually a supplement it prescribed so it sleep. If you are finding it difficult to sleep follow the tips above, take serotonin supplements or sleeping tablets, because healing, cell repair, immunity boosting, memory consolidation, cleaning junk in your mind or body happens during sleep. There are only dangers of lack of sleeps and benefits of sleeping but there it no beneficial of lack of sleep. Adequate sleep is keys to healthy aging.