healthy lifestyle for those over 40

Do you want to age healthy? If your answer is yes, you need to adhere to healthy lifestyle. Healthy lifestyle is a way of living that improves people health and well-being and lowers the risk of being seriously ill or dying early. The lifestyle you choose can determine whether you are going to age healthy or unhealthy. This article will identify certain lifestyle that influences healthy aging for the over 40.

Age wisely with healthy lifestyle

Health lifestyle determines the outcome of our health in the future. Our lifestyle contributes to either healthy or unhealthy aging. The World Health Organization (WHO) highlighted that ‘ 60% of our health outcomes are closely related to our lifestyle’, this suggests many illnesses such as chronic ones are closely linked to the individuals lifestyles. To mention a few, diabetes, hypertension, joint and skeletal problems and etc are more likely to be linked to one’s lifestyle of smoking, unhealthy eating, inactive etc. This is further elaborated in the article by Farhud Impact of Lifestyle on Health. However, it is important to understand that there are few cases of people who suffer from the above mentioned illness but are not directly related to individual lifestyle.

Everyone from any age should be mindful and careful of their lifestyle because of the health consequences in the near future. When an individual is in their teens, 20s and early 30s they make sure they look good for others, e/g 6packs,nice and slim etc. However when you get to the late thirties and above, mindfulness becomes a necessity due to our bodies naturally deteriorating. Officially the body start to age from 40s. At this stage it is crucial to rethink lifestyle consequences and restructure or re plan the way one lives as a matter of urgency. There are lots of evidence that proves the link between unhealthy lifestyle and unhealthy aging e, g smoking can cause COPD, ill healthy and some cancers and dying young. I have come up with few tips on how to age healthy with healthy lifestyle.

Healthy lifestyle: Think about what you are consuming

Healthy eating habits

Eating habits are very important to age healthy, this is well emphasized and in depth in my last article ‘Healthy aging with the 5Rs’. Eating well-balanced diet at the right time and right amount, eating fruit and vegetable are all good healthy eating habits

Drink more water

importance of drinking water

Drinking water is vital as a healthy lifestyle tip because water is an important component of our bodies. Human body is composed of 60% water and the water level depends on with age. Babies body is 75% water whereas elderly body is 50% water. Our organs are even comprised of more ware water, Lungs, 83%, muscles and kidneys 79%, brain and heat 71% water, liver 71% water, skin 64% water and even bones are 31% water. This suggest that water is vital to our bodies to avoid dehydration and unhealthy aging. If you don’t drink you are starving your brains, heart, kidneys, lungs, skin, muscles etc. 2010 project wet foundation put so much emphasis on the importance of drinking water. Water influences cognitive performance, physical performance, gastrointestinal performance, kidney performance, heart performance and haemodynamics response and water plays a big part in our skin: Water hydration and health article by Popkin et al. 2010. Drink more water, keep your skin hydrated and this increases skin elasticity and hence prevents wrinkles and fine lines.

Take supplements

Many people do not usually eat enough food to get adequate specific nutrients e, g vitamins D, so it is important to take supplements in addition go your diet. Take note that supplements do not replace healthy diet. Take your calcium, omega oil, vitamins etc. I do work with older people and believe me over 80% of them are on some form of supplements like Vitamins D3, multi vitamins, folic acid, B12 etc.

Stop carbonated, caffeine, alcohol and high sugar juices

To age healthy it is important to stop drinking fizzy, alcohol and juice drinks because there is a link between carbonated and juice drinks and speeding in aging not even mentioning lots of proven studies on their impact to our health e.g causing diabetes, heart diseases etc. Fizzy, drinks with caffeine, alcohol (binge drinking) and high sugar juices can shorten telomeres. Telomere shortening is the main cause of age related breakdown of our cells. When telomeres get shorter our cell can no longer reproduce which causes our tissues to degenerate and eventually die. Telomeres are the caps at the end of each strand of DNA that protects our chromosomes. If they are shortened then DNA strand become damaged and our cells will not be to do their job. Telomere-structure, function and regulation by Lu 2013. To leave a healthy lifestyle pass the age 40 it is important to drink water and homemade juice with no additives. All you need is a juicer and you can drink 100% healthy juice.




Healthy lifestyle : Care for your physical health


Exercises maximizes individual well-being for the over 40s. Regular exercises is a good lifestyles because it reduces stress levels, maintains a healthy weight and lengthen telomeres. High levels of exercises is linked to 9years of less aging at cellular level. Aerobics exercise lengthen telomeres and reduces stress in family care giver a randomized control trial in 2018 by Puterman etal. Lack of exercises for the over 40s increases the risk to high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, falls, cognitive impairment, osteoporosis and muscular weakness. Exercise as a healthy lifestyle does not mean you have to go to the gym all the time but you can subscribe to focused workouts in the comfort of your house


Sleep at least 7- 8hrs to promote healthy aging. Plan a sleeping pattern lifestyle and stick to it. Lack of enough sleep can trigger premature aging of the skin and permanent skin discoloration. A good adequate sleep improves concentration, memory formation, allows your body to repair any cell damage that occurs during the day and sleep refreshes your immune system which in turn helps to prevent diseases. People start to age some suffer from insomnia due to different reason. One common reason for women is menopause or pre menopause and for both genders other reasons are lack of exercise, sleep apnea etc. To have a good sleep make sure that the room temperature is favorable and sue a good comfortable pillow.

Health check

Health check need to be part of the over 40s. Getting into forties most of the odds seems to be against you. Many illness start to show up e.g diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, eye problems, and some cancers are more prevalent at this age like breast cancer, prostate cancer It is important to visit your physician to have a health check to make sure everything is ok and for advice. Health checks helps to spot early signs of certain diseases like stroke, kidney disease, type 2 diabetes and dementia. This is usually done every year.

Healthy lifestyle: Consider your mind and happiness


Meditation is working with your mind and training your mind to be peaceful. When our minds are at peace and mind that is at peace is free from worries and anxieties. You can use different things to meditate, one way is meditating on the word of God and you can feel peace flowing right through your body. There are other ways you can meditate just search through online, choose the one that resonate with you. Meditate day and night is a healthy lifestyle because it boosts health and well-being. Practicing mindfulness and meditation can help to manage stress, high blood pressure, sleep better and make you feel more balanced and connected. Researches proved that there is a link between those people who meditated and slow rate of cellular aging. Insight meditation and telomere biology: The effects of intense retreat and the moderation role of personality by Conklin et al. 2018.

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Reading is an important lifestyle because reading stimulates the mind, reduces stress, improves memory, improves focus and concentration. Reading can bring peace, energy and tranquility especially if you are reading spiritual books or motivational books. Habit of reading is closely linked with preventing dementia according to the study by JAMA psychiatry to Chinese people.

Be content and enjoy life

Happiness/content with what you have and who you are. There are things we cannot change in life and it is no point worrying about them because they will never change. The best way is to be content and be happy and enjoy life. Happiness is associated to longevity and healthy. Some illnesses follow us because of being unhappy e.g stress, depressions, headaches the list in inexhaustible. People who are not happy or content, are usually stressed, angry and depressed, and constant anger or stress can cause skin to have permanent marks (wrinkles) and also stress weighs the body and mind and hence shortens telomeres. So practice being happy and content because life is too short then you can age healthy.



Healthy lifestyle are essential kit that you can use to ensure that age healthy to all the over 40s. It is easy to achieve healthy aging with being content, being happy and stop worrying about things you cannot change. Just make sure that you are maintaining to good healthy eating habits, drink more water, stop all the drinks that shortens your telomeres and resulting in speeding aging process. Practice sleeping over 7hrs, exercise daily and take supplements to boost your immune system. Keep a sound, sharp mind, peaceful and positive mind through meditation and reading books.